Please remember to continue to abide by the rules regarding the Covid-19
pandemic while you're here at the marine. Maintain your social distance from
others and keep your groups to 10 or less. And, of course, always wear a
face mask.

Leasing Your Slip

If you would like to lease your slip this year, please contact this office
(the one located upstairs in the building adjacent to the swimming pool) so
we may put your information on our list of slips for sale & rent.  This list
is kept up to date on our website & the bulletin board outside of this
office.  We also suggest listing your slip on your own, in such places as
boating publications, newspapers, other websites, & even your local bulletin
boards.  When you have a renter, please fill out the most current lease
agreement, also found on our website, and have your renter fill in his/her
portion of it.  Please mail/email/drop off a copy of the completed lease,
plus a copy of the renter's boat insurance declaration page, to this office
before your renter moves the boat into your slip.  In addition, please
advise your renter to read our Rules & Regulations regarding the use of our
facilities, which may also be downloaded from our website.

Beach Passes

The 2020 stickers for the hang tag beach passes will be available soon from
this office - there is no charge for these stickers.  If you want to drive
down to the beach to unload gear from your vehicle to place on your boat or
to park there while you're working on your boat, you will need a current
sticker.  Please do not leave your vehicle parked in the beach parking lot

Swimming Pool

We are waiting to hear from the county health department as to whether we
will be able to open the pool this summer.  If so, we'll send out a notice
to all.

Annual Meeting and Dues Statements

The slip owners' Annual Membership Meeting, which is usually held on the
first Saturday of June, will be postponed this year until the ban on
gatherings of more than 10 people is  lifted.  "A call for nominations" will
go out at that time, so all slip owners please consider nominating yourself
to the Flag Harbor Condo Association Board of Directors.

The condo dues invoices will probably be sent out at the end of May or the
beginning of June.


The dredging of the channel is now complete.

Dinghy Storage

Please see this office for a sticker if you plan to store your dinghy/kayak
on one of the storage racks.  There are plans to also place a rack in the
Southside parking lot for your convenience.  Please remember to secure your
dinghy or kayak, if at all possible. And please keep your inflatable
inflated so they don't create breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Pavilion Reservation

When the ban is lifted on group gatherings, the pavilion may be reserved for
parties & picnics.

Bathroom keys are available from this office for $3 each.  Also, you may
"lease" a gate key for the gate at the entrance into the marina for $50
(when you return the key, your $50 will be returned).  This gate is locked
at 10pm & opens at 7am daily.


The wi-fi is in the process of being upgraded so it will be more easily
accessible in all areas of the marina.  Please be patient while this is
taking place.

Boat US  

Our cooperating group # is GA81792B, for those who wish to become a
member/renew membership for BoatUS.  Applications are available in this

Boat Lengths/Widths in Slips 

Please make sure that the boat that goes into your slip does not protrude
beyond the boundaries of the slip.  If it does, it creates a hazard for
other boaters.  Keep in mind that the following items will increase the
length of a boat- swim platforms; outboard motors, especially if left out of
the water; bowsprits; dinghy davits.  If you're not sure about the exact
dimensions of your slip, measure it.

Social Events  

All social events have been put on hold at this time.  Just the same, let us
know what you'd like to see return from past years, or if you have any
ideas, so we'll be ready when we can meet once again.

Boat Insurance

It is required that all boats at our marina have boat insurance.  So, please
continue to send in to this office a copy of the declaration page of your
boat's insurance policy.

If you have any questions or other concerns, please feel free to contact
this office at 410-586-0070 or  <>  Currently, the office hours are Monday, Wednesday &
Friday from 10am-5pm and Saturday from 10am-2pm, for now.  Everyone, please
stay safe!