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Flag Harbor Marine Service

Flag Harbor Marine is a full service boat yard with a 20 ton travel lift, winter storage, and a knowledgeable staff to help with boat repair, hauling, and storage. This boat yard is one of the few remaining do-it-yourself boat yards. Boaters can elect to work on their boats themselves or utilize professionals who are on site to assist you.

Bottom Painting and Preparation

Flag Harbor Marine Service can meet all of your hull bottom maintenance and repair needs, from simple bottom preparation and painting, blister repair, awlgrip and soda blasting.


In addition to lifting your boat out of the water and safely placing it on dry land, the lift can also unstep and step your mast, as needed.


Flag Harbor, an easy hour drive from Washington DC and Annapolis MD, is located in a sheltered harbor on the Chesapeake Bay. It is a beautiful spot to spend the day working on your boat. Any work done on your boat must be done in accordance with Flag Harbor Marine Service rules.

Short, Long Term and Winter Storage

Flag Harbor Marine Service has reasonable rates for short term and long term storage. Storage for trailorable boats is also available. Have the staff at Flag Harbor safely winterize your boat for winter storage and recommission her for the sailing season.

Bottom Power Washing

A fouled bottom, rudder and prop assembly can dramatically affect your boat's hull speed and maneuverability, both of which can be a safety hazard and expensive in terms of increased fuel consumption and wear and tear on your engine. Hauling your boat during the boating season for a quick power wash can help alleviate this problem. It also gives you a chance to inspect your zincs and the overall condition of your boat's bottom, rudder, shafts and props.

Engine Repair

Flag Harbor has specialists to work on your outboard, inboard, and inboard/outboard engines, including both gas and diesel.


We provide a wide range of marine woodwork services from major hull repairs to maintenance of your wood trim and cabinetry.


Our areas of expertise include: stepping and un-stepping masts, mast rigging and re-rigging, rigging inspection, roller furling installation, and maintenance and safety line replacement and installation.

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