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Slip Sales and Rentals

Flag Harbor is a condominium marina. A condominium slip is similar to an apartment condominium in that the owner owns his individual slip. They receive a fee simple deed that is insurable and recorded in county land records and carries with it exclusive rights to use the slip. Further, the owner receives an undivided interest in the entire property or common elements such as the pier, swimming pool, picnic area, parking lot.

Individuals can own their boat slip and either use it themselves or rent the slip. Owners who rent their slip must submit a lease agreement to the FHCA and receive approval.

Sale prices may vary depending upon amenities (e.g., dock box, electricity) and market conditions. For the Flag Harbor suggested annual rental rates and a list of available slips, see the Slips for Sale & Rent List. See the harbor map below for a layout of the Flag Harbor Slips. Please call the individual owner listed or the Flag Harbor Condo Association office at 410-586-0070.

Owners and renters must obey the Rules and Regulations for the Flag Harbor Yacht Haven facilities.

flag harbor map 8.5x11 FINAL.jpg
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